Nobel Minisymposium No. 52

Nobel Minisymposium No. 52 in the series Frontiers in Medicine,  Epigenetics in Health and Disease , April 23rd  2015, Nobel Forum at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm

 Epigenetics is increasingly recognized as a fundamentally important area of medical research, and is currently a rapidly evolving field.  This Frontiers in Medicine Nobel Minisymposium brings together key opinion leaders […]

Nobel Laureate Revisiting Lecture – Jack Szostak

Nobel Laureate Revisiting Lecture

Jack Szostak, Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine 2009
Wednesday, April 15th at 16.30

Title: “The Origins of Cellular Life”
Primitive cells consisting of a self-replicating nucleic acid genome encapsulated within a self-replicating membrane would have depended upon a rich, complex and variable environment to drive their reproduction. I will describe simple and robust pathways […]

Karolinska Research Lectures – Michael Lynch

Karolinska Research Lectures at NOBEL FORUM
April 16, 16.30

Michael Lynch
Department of Biology, Indiana University, Bloomington, USA

Title: Mutation, Drift, and the origin or subcellular features

Although natural selection may be the most powerful force in the biological world, it is not all powerful. As a consequence, many aspects of evolution of the molecular level can […]

New Secretary for the Nobel Assembly at Karolinska Institutet


At the Nobel Assembly meeting held on November 27, 2014, Professor Urban Lendahl was elected as the new Secretary for the Nobel Assembly at Karolinska Institutet and Nobel Committee for Physiology or Medicine from January 1, 2015. Professor Lendahl is Professor of Genetics at the Department of Cell- and Molecular Biology, Karolinska Institutet. He […]