Nobel Minisymposium No. 52

Nobel Minisymposium No. 52 in the series Frontiers in Medicine,  Epigenetics in Health and Disease , April 23rd  2015, Nobel Forum at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm

 Epigenetics is increasingly recognized as a fundamentally important area of medical research, and is currently a rapidly evolving field.  This Frontiers in Medicine Nobel Minisymposium brings together key opinion leaders […]

Nobel Laureate Revisiting Lecture – Jack Szostak

Nobel Laureate Revisiting Lecture

Jack Szostak, Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine 2009
Wednesday, April 15th at 16.30

Title: “The Origins of Cellular Life”
Primitive cells consisting of a self-replicating nucleic acid genome encapsulated within a self-replicating membrane would have depended upon a rich, complex and variable environment to drive their reproduction. I will describe simple and robust pathways […]

Karolinska Research Lectures – Michael Lynch

Karolinska Research Lectures at NOBEL FORUM
April 16, 16.30

Michael Lynch
Department of Biology, Indiana University, Bloomington, USA

Title: Mutation, Drift, and the origin or subcellular features

Although natural selection may be the most powerful force in the biological world, it is not all powerful. As a consequence, many aspects of evolution of the molecular level can […]


Inbjudan att inkomma med förslag till Nobelkonferenser (2016) samt till Minisymposier (2016) i serien “Frontiers in Medicine” vid Nobel Forum.


Blankett för ansökan om NK eller mini-symposium 2016