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2018 Epithelial-Mesenchymal Plasticity in Cancer Jonas Fuxe
2017 The Microbiome and its Programming of Body Systems H Forssberg
2016 Cell Cycle and Cell Death in Disease B Zhivotovsky, K Wiman
2015 Combat Metabolic Diseases – New Strategies Brismar Kerstin
2014 Mechanisms and Systems Biology Of Gene Transcription L Poellinger, J Taipale
2013 Biofilm formation by micro-organisms, its clinical impact and potential treatment U Römling, B Åkerlund
2012 Breast Cancer; progress and callenges in prevention, risk prediction, tumor biology and treatment A Östman, J Bergh, P Hall, R Toftgård
2011 Advances in allogenic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation Olle Ringdén
2010 Regenerative Medicine U Lendahl, J Frisén, O Hovatta, K LeBlanc, B-G Ericzon, C Betsholtz
2010 Role of cell cycle and apoptosis in disease and ageing N-G Larsson, S Orrenius, K Wiman, A Zetterberg, B Zhivotovsky
2010 Medicine in Developing Countries Combatting Malaria M Wahlgren, LH Miller, A Scherf
2009 Two faces of the synapse – immune versus neural S Cullheim, K Kärre
2009 The role of genetics in promoting suicide prevention and the mantal health of the population D WassermanL Terenius
2008 System Biology and Child Health M Ritzén, P-O Berg-gren, K Albertsson-Wikland, F Chiarelli, Z Hochberg
2008 Recent Advances in Understanding Estrogen Signaling: From Molecular Insights to Clinical Applications J-Å GustafssonK Dahlman-Wright, IE Treuter, O Hovatta, B-M Landgren
2007 Watching life through molecular imaging S Gambhir,H Ringertz
2007 Development and engineering of dopamine neurons: from genes to therapy T Perlmann, A Björklund
2006 Functional RNA: From transcriptomics and RNA interference to medicine C Wahlestedt, Y Hayashizaki
2005 The Neuroscience of Emotion A ÖhmanRJ Dolan, AR Damasio, RJ Davis, JE LeDoux, EA Phelps
2004 Brain Control of Feeding B Angelin, C Broberger, S Fetissov, T Hökfelt, B Meister
2004 The Inflammatory Reflex J Andersson, T Olsson, U Andersson et al.
2004 Hedgehog Signalling in Development and Disease R Toftgård, J Ericson, T Bürglin
2004 Redox signalling and cellular function A Holmgren, S Orrenius, E Arnér
2003 Neuronal control of skilled hand functions: cognitive and computational aspects H Forssberg, P Roland, R Johansson et al
2003 Advances in G-protein-coupled receptor research C Wahlestedt, A Aperia, B Fredholm, T Hökfelt
2003 Chromosome segregation and human disease C Höög, C Karlsson, R Toftgård, A Zetterberg
2002 Stem Cell Biology U Lendahl, A Björklund, H Edlund, J Frisén
2002 To restore hearing M Ulfendahl, Å Flock, I Pyykkö
2002 Apoptosis – Mechanisms and implications in human disease S Orrenius


Transcriptional control of lipid homeostasis J-Å Gustafsson,, B Angelin,, I Björkhem



Oxygen Physiology S Lindahl, H Lagercrantz, D Linnarsson, L Eriksson, L Poellinger
2001 Regulation of cellular function by the ubiquitin- proteasome system M Masucci, M Ingelman-Sundberg
2000 From the molecular biology of sensitivity to optimization of the clinical outcome in radiation therapy A Brahme, A Zetterberg, U Ringborg, L Wiman, R Lewensohn, S Linder
1999 Vascular Research – from biology to medicine GK Hansson, J Nilsson, B Wiman et al.
1999 Single molecule detection and analysis in physics, chemistry and life sciences R Rigler, A Holmgren
1998 Pathogenesis and treatment of HIV infection A Sönnerborg, J Andersson
1998 Assembly of the nervous system U Lendahl, T Edlund, L Olson, C Ibanez
1996 Metablic functions, proliferation and diseases of peroxisomes I Björkhem, G Dallner, J-Å Gustafsson
1996 Antigen processing and presentation K Kärre, R Kiessling, H-G Ljunggren, M Jondal, M Masucci
1995 Control mechanisms of the cell cycle A Zetterberg, S Eriksson, M Kirschner
1995 Molecular interactions and regulation of cell adhesion molecules and celladhesion molecules and extracellular matrix receptors in the formation and maintenance of tissues B Öbrink, K Rubin, D Heinegård
1995 Comparative cellphysiological aspects of skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscle in health and overload L Kaijser, G Ronquist, B Saltin, A Waldenström
1994 Cytokines in pathogenesis and treatment of infectious diseases S Britton, J Andersson
1994 Genomic imprinting: Cause and consequence in science and society R Ohlsson, K Hall, M Ritzén
1993 Autoimmunity – an old enigma in a new light E Möller, G Möller
1992 Ca2+ signalling P O Berggren, B Fredholm, P Nicotera, S Orrenius
1991 Biosynthesis, regulation and products of mevalonate pathway I Björkhem, G Dallner, H Danielsson, J Sjövall
1990 Molecular genetics in clinical oncology G Auer, M Nordenskjöld, P Collins, A Zetterberg
1989 Health research for development S Bergström
1989 Ethics in medicine B Jansson, P Allebeck
1989 Growth factors – from genes to clinical applications K Hall, H Löw, V Sara
1988 Neuropeptide Y K Fuxe, T Hökfelt, V Mutt
1987 Pathogenesis of non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus S Efendic, V Grill
1986 Structure, biosynthesis and function of isoprenoid compounds in eucaryotic cells G Dallner, J Sjövall, L Ernster, P Peterson, L Rask
1985 Thioredoxin and glutaredoxin systems – structure and functions C-I Brändén, A Holmgren, J-O Höög, H Jörnvall, B-M Sjöberg
1985 Neurobiology of the control of breathing C von Euler, H Lagercrantz
1985 Development of vaccines and drugs against diarrhoea J Holmgren, A Lindberg, R Möllby
1984 Surface structure and antigen expression in normal and malignant cells G Holm, B Wahren, S Hammarström, P Perlmann
1983 Emissionstomografiska studier över människohjärnans metabolism T Greitz, G Sedvall, L Widén
1982 Frontiers in the Biochemical and Pharmacological Research in Depression B Cronholm, F Sjöqvist, M Åsberg
1982 Functions of gluthathione- biochemical, physiological and toxicological aspects S Orrenius
1981 Aktuella problem och utvecklingslinjer inom några områden av svenska neurofysiologi C von Euler, Y Zotterman
1980 The Biology of Normal Human Growth M Ritzén, R Zetterström
1980 Chemical Neurotransmission 75 years L Stjärne et al
1980 Acute Enteric Infections in Children: New Prospects for Treatment and Prevention S Bergström