Karolinska Research Lectures at NOBEL FORUM

//Karolinska Research Lectures at NOBEL FORUM


Ueli Schibler

Title:”The mammalian circadian timing system: the daily rhythms of genes, cells, and organs”

Department of Molecular Biology & NCCR Frontiers in Genetics, University of Geneva, Switzerland, CH-1211
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Date:November 14, Thursday, 16.15

Location:Nobel Forum
Host: Björn Vennström
Contact:Tatiana Goriatcheva, Nobelkansliet, Nobel Forum, tel:+46-8-52487805,


Cell-autonomous and self-sustained circadian oscillators are operative in virtually all body cells. These clocks must be synchronized daily by a master pacemaker residing in the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) of the brain, in order to keep phase coherence in peripheral organs. In the first part of my lecture I shall present novel whole body imaging approaches that allow the long-term recording of circadian gene expression in peripheral tissues in real time and in freely moving animals. These experiments revealed that the SCN synchronizes peripheral clocks through direct and indirect signals that are in conflict when feeding rhythms are changed. In the second part of the lecture I shall present novel experimental strategies allowing the identification of molecular phase entrainment pathways that depend on blood-borne signals and body temperature rhythms.