The Nobel Committee

The Nobel Committee consists of five members and the Secretary of the Nobel Assembly. The members are elected for a period of three years. Each year, ten associate members are elected for a term running from March until October. The Nobel Committee is the working body of the Nobel Assembly.

The Nobel Committee for Physiology or Medicine 2015

Nobelstiftelsens styrelse 11 mars 2015

Seated left to right:
Patrik Ernfors, Thomas Perlmann (Deputy Chairman), Juleen Zierath (Chairman), Ole Kiehn, Anna Wedell

Standing middle left to right:
Camilla Sjögren, Klas Wiman, Rune Toftgård (Deputy Chairman, Nobel Assembly), Christer Höög, Urban Lendahl (Secretary-General), Hans Forssberg, Edvard Smith, Maria Masucci

Standing back left to right:
Mats Wahlgren, Bo Angelin (Chairman, Nobel Assembly), Jan Andersson, Jesper Haeggström, Klas Kärre