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The Nobel Committee

The Nobel Committee consists of five members and the Secretary of the Nobel Assembly. The members are elected for a period of three years. Each year, ten associate members are elected for a term running from March until October. The Nobel Committee is the working body of the Nobel Assembly.

The Nobel Committee 2017


Seated left to right: Ole Kiehn, Patrik Ernfors (Deputy Chairman), Anna Wedell (Chairman), Nils-Göran Larsson, Christer Höög

Standing middle left to right: Camilla Sjögren, Juleen Zierath, Thomas Perlmann, (Secretary), Maria Masucci, Tomas Olsson (Chairman, Nobel Assembly), Olle Kämpe,
Rikard Holmdahl

Standing back left to right:
Carlos Ibáñez, Edvard Smith, Rune Toftgård, Jan Andersson, Gunter Schneider (Deputy Chairman, Nobel Assembly), Klas Kärre