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Nobel Conference 2014

Nobel conference 2014
”Mechanisms and Systems Biology of Gene Transcription”

Date: 7th – 9th of October 2014
Location: Nobel Forum
Host: Lorenz Poellinger


”Renaissance on the Diagnosis of Monogenic Diseases”

Date: 1st and 2nd of September
Location: Nobel Forum
Host: Magnus Nordenskjöld
Contact: Magnus.Nordenskjö

Watch Tim Hunt give Nobel Laureate revisiting lecture

Title: The control of progression into, through and out of mitosis
Lecture was given on Wednesday, March 12th 2014.
Venue: Wallenbergsalen, Nobel Forum,
Karolinska Institutet, Nobels väg 1
Host: Professor Anna Wedell

Guido Kroemer – Karolinska Research Lectures

Guido Kroemer
Title:“Cell death in pathophysiology: inexorable, avoidable or desirable”
Apoptosis, Cancer and Immunity” Laboratory, University of Paris Descartes
Date:April 24, Thursday, 16.15
Location:Nobel Forum

Host: Boris Zhivotovsky

Contact:Tatiana Goriatcheva, Nobelkansliet, Nobel Forum, tel:+46-8-52487805,

Beyond the few potentially immortal gametes that our body produces, mortal (somatic) cells fall into two classes, those that are constantly renewed from proliferating stem cells, […]