Karolinska Research Lectures at NOBEL FORUM

winter-spring 2015

Short abstracts are available in the KI Calendar at http://ki.se

All lectures are followed by reception. Most welcome!

February 19                Itzhak Fried

Thursday                           Director of the Epilepsy Surgery Program

4.30 PM                            UCLA Los Angeles, USA


Title:                                   “Neuromodulation of human memory: From single neuron

                                            recordings to clinical intervention”

Host:                                   Ivanka Savic Berglund

March 19                        Junying Yuan

Thursday                           Department of Cell Biology

4.30 PM                            Harvard Medical School

Boston, USA


Title:                                   “Regulation of necroptosis and inflammation by RIPK1”

Host:                                   Boris Zhivotovsky & Helin Norberg

April 16                          Michael Lynch

Thursday                           Department of Biology

4.30 PM                            Indiana University

Bloomington, USA



Title:                                   “Mutation, drift, and the origin of subcellular features

Host:                                   Jussi Taipale

Contact:                                     Tatiana Goriatcheva, Nobelkansliet, Nobel Forum,

                                            tel. 524 87805, tatiana.goriatcheva@nobel.se